Planting Sweet N Neat Tomatoes Using the Fruit

This year I did not have enough time to take in my favorite tomato from the garden and properly process the seeds to save this year. I was not even sure the Sweet N Neat tomatoes which are a Dwarf Determinant would breed true as they were sitting next to a few other tomatoes including my Patio and Black Cherry Tomato.

So what I try in this episode is simply taking the fruit and planting them a number of different ways. I hope to have some of these dwarf beauties grow this winter and give me some fresh inside tomatoes.

**Update we had an insane germination rate in all of the pots and were able to grow fresh tomatoes under CFL bulbs. My sons first tomatoes came from these plants 😉 Unfortunately these tomatoes either crossed or were an F1 hybrid and were not nearly as good as their parents.

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