AquaFarm 2 Month update

It has been two months since we originally set up our AquaFarm from Back to the Roots. it is with sadness I pass on the loss of our first snail Goldie and happiness I introduce our new black snail.

At the one month range with the plants looking a little sickly I gave them some chelated iron to help out. It seemed to have done the trick. The plants jumped and are doing great. The only backside to this now is the fact that the water is a little orange… it did not hurt the fish or the snail.

I had to clean out the plant tray as it had some algae build up. I chose not to clean the tank as I think the snail is doing a fine job for now. In order to keep the algae growth down it was recommended that I get an aquatic live plant to replace my fake on. The plant should help balance the nutrients and will compete with the algae. I plan on doing this in a subsequent update.

Once I finished cleaning up the tank I installed my new pump. Next fall I am going to compare the productivity of a plant set with a beta fish and snail pair versus gold fish and snails.

I am overall very impressed and having a lot of fun! This product is a great way to inspire people to get into gardening and aquaponics. I find its use as an educational tool to teach children about the food web is just another reason to love it! I have had a lot of fun teaching the kids! I would love to know what you think about this product and share with me your Aquaponics systems!

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