Goji Berry Pruning Experiment

As many of you know I started some Goji Berries (or Wolf Berries) a few months ago. They have been doing very well and it was time to try an experiment on them. I had read somewhere that you could prune them to force side shoots and a more compact healthy plant. In the spirit of science I thought I would try a few different ways! I tried three types of pruning and will keep you up to date on the progress. There were two distinct zones of the stalk when I did the pruning. The older growth was lighter striped colour and the newer growth was bright green. I used this as the benchmark to prune the main stalks.
1. Topping: I clipped the top of the new growth tip which resulted in new growth right away!
2. Half way down the new growth: this one took a little longer but again it grew a new shoot
3. at the transition of the new growth and old: This has taken awhile longer but it is showing some new node growth now!

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