How to Build Cold Frames for Free

Cold frames are a great way to get a jump start on your season and extend well into the fall when the snow arrives. Follow this How-to video on building cheap effective cold frames!

I decided to build two cold frames with all recycled material. The windows I received from a home renovation, the lumber was reclaimed and the hinges were re-purposed. The only thing that cost me anything was the screws I had from a previous project. Essentially this cost me nothing to build.

Cold Frames are simple to construct. you will need three lengths of 2×8 or 2×12 and one 2×6 or 2×4.

Cut 1 length of the 2×8 the length of the window you want to use as the back.

Cut 1 length of the 2×4 the length of the window you want to use as the front.

Cut 2 lengths of the 2×8 the length of the windows side – 3 inches. the reduction in length will account for the front and back panel width.

the two sides will then need to be cut to angle towards the front. Use the frond board to set the final height of the side boards. Using a straight edge draw a line from the front mark to join up with the back corner. Use the saw and remove the remainder. You will want to keep the scrap to wedge the frame open during sunny hot days.

Dry fit everything together to make sure no measurement errors exist prior to assembly.

Place the corner of the frames together ensuring they are flush. Once flush use a drill bit that is slightly smaller then the 2 1/2 inch screws you are going to use. Pre-drill the holes to prevent cracking. drive 2-3 screws in each corner.

Once the frame is complete place the window on top. to attach the hinges you will want to position the hinge facing out. Pre-drill and screw the hinges on the back board.

Thats it! your done! Make sure to tune into our next post for some helpful tips in using the cold frames !

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