How to Build A Grape Trellis on a Residential Fence

Tellis are a great way to increase the production of your residential garden. Growing up instead of out maximizes the square foot area you have to work with.

This simple to build trellis will carry grapes among other things up to cover the fence and provide some great food.

This simple How-to shows you an easy way to build into your sturdy fence a great feature providing food for years to come!

You will need the following to complete this project

3 x Eye bolts for every 3 meters (10 feet)
6 x Nuts
6 x Washers
1 x 2″ by 6″ by 12 ‘ The distance between the posts is 10 feet you will want more length to ensure maximum strength
1 x Trellis wire. Preferably a plastic coated metal wire. Most Greenhouses have this
3 x Bamboo pole 1.82 meter (6 foot) length
1/2 inch wood drill bit
2.5 inch screws
scrap 2″ by 6″ wood for spacers.

Step 1 Cut 10 cm or 4 inch lengths of your scrap wood for spacers. ensure they are level with each other and attach to the post using 3 or more screws. pre-drilling is recommended to prevent splitting.

Step 2 Place the 2″ by 6″ against the spacers and mark out the locations for the eye bolts making sure they dont come out where the board will be attached to the spacers.

Step 3 Drill the 1/2 inch holes at the marked locations. Attach the eye bolts using washers against the wood on both sides and bolts again the washers to secure them in place. Hand tightening is recommended with out tools.

Step 4 With help secure the 2″ x 6″ to the spacer using more then 3 screws. it helps if you note the locations of the screws that were used to attach the spacer to the fence post. This prevents one screw from hitting another. Pre-drilling again helps.

Step 5 Using the trellis wire attach one end to the first eye bold. loop tie the rest of the attachment points avoiding cutting the wire if possible.

Step 6 Attach the bamboo stakes to the location where you will be planting the grapes. It is easier to do this when you are planting the grape to ensure you are as close as possible to the grape plant or replacing the existing support with the bamboo. Attaching this can be done with any wire to either the eye bolts on both levels or directly to the wire.

Once the grapes are growing you will need to train them to follow laterally both wires. When I get my grapes i will do a planting and training tepisodes to show you how they are done.

Happy Gardening!

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