Planting Goji ( Wolf ) Berries in Raised Beds

Goji Berries are one of the coolest perennials I am adding to my garden this year. I will be planting them in a raised bed in front of the Grapes.

Goji Berries or Wolf Berries are said to have high levels of anti oxidants and contain a high proportion of vitamins. They are traditionally used in Chinese medicine to treat a large number of issues. That said most of the benefits are unconfirmed. It is important to note that Goji Berries should not be consumed in large quantities and it you are on any medication make sure to consult your doctor prior to consuming.

Goji berries are a wooded vine that do require some support. They reproduce through seeds and suckers so when you select the location in your garden you will want to make sure the suckers can be controlled much like a raspberry.

They should produce fruit in the next year or two and as always I will show you how they do when we get there!

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