Mycorrhizae & Mycorrhizal Soil Amendments

Patrick from One Yard Revolution and I discuss mycorrhizae – what they are, how they benefit plants, and how to increase their numbers and effectiveness. We also discuss mycorrhizal amendments and their limitations.

How to increase number and effectiveness of mycorrhizal associations:
1) Avoid disturbing the soil as much as possible
2) Avoid dramatic changes in soil pH
3) Don’t over-water or over-fertilize
4) Limit soluble phosphate fertilizers
5) Grow a wide variety of plants
6) Use compost and mulch

Limits of Mycorrhizal Amendments
1) Native mycorrhizal fungi are usually plentiful and well adapted to growing conditions and plants growing in the garden
2) There may be dozens of species of mycorrhizal fungi in your soil, while amendments often only include a few
3) The fungi are sensitive to heat and may not survive shipment and storage.
4) Research has shown that mycorrhizal amendments are not effective in real-life growing conditions when tested against a control.


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