Prevent Container Cracking Over Winter — Fast Garden Tip

Last week we spoke about building the soil in your garden over the winter. This week I am going to give you one of the fast garden tips for winterizing your container gardens that has saved me a lot of effort and pain.

Most sources recommend removing the soil from your containers before storing them for the winter. The concept being they will be less likely to crack. While you are more than welcome to empty your containers it often comes with some challenges such as soil storage, replacement and the mess you inevitably make in the process.

What causes the containers to crack is the moisture in the soil. If you allow the soil in your containers to dry there will be less water to freeze and crack the container.

Once your plant is done for the year remove the plant by grabbing firmly at the base and pulling the roots out. Make sure to shake off the soil that comes up with the roots.

Next you will want to make sure the soil stays dry. You can toss them in the shed or better yet place a tarp over them where they are.
In the spring you can freshen them up with some compost and mulch and you’re ready to plant!

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