Fort McMurray Wild Fire and Hardening Off Plants

This week devastating wildfires burnt through Fort McMurray Alberta displaying nearly 100,000 people with limited notice. Those fires have galvanized a community, country and international community. While responding to the fires I have put off some my garden duties which I will get back to at least in part in this video.

Every spring as the weather warms I start by planting cold hardy crops in march and continue to plant directly into the garden all the way through the season. Some plants however such as tomatoes and peppers do better with a head start in the grow room. As the weather warms it is time to move my warmer weather crops outside for the year.
There is however a little more of a process to follow then just taking the plants outside.
I start hardening off my plants when night time temperatures no longer drop below 5c or 41F bringing them in over night if the temperature is expected to drop below that.
You will want to find the shadiest location in your yard and add put your plants there. The sun outside is much stronger even on a cloudy day than grow lights or in a sunny window.
Over the next few weeks Ill slowly move them out into the yard gradually increasing the direct sun shine they get. This process usually takes me a two weeks.
After they have been acclimated to the sun you can plant them in your garden as long as the last frost has past.
It is important to water lots as the plants will need more now that they are outside and it will help reduce the stress on the plants.

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