How to Make Easy Compost

Compost is one of the cornerstones of a healthy organic garden.   I provides the nutrients that are required for your plants to grow large crops year after year.  If you look online there are hundreds of references to very complex methods to make the perfect compost.  To be honest the science behind compost is well explored and if you are trying to achieve a very specific outcome you may wish to follow those instructions. For the back yard garden it does not have to be that complex.  Simple hot composts made with free and local resources, such as autumn leaves, used coffee grounds, garden waste and spent brewery grains just to name a few, can provide all the nutrients you need.  In fact this method has allowed me to avoid the use of store bought fertilizers for years.

Check out the video linked about to see how simple it really can be to make a hot compost for free in your community.  There is also a special tip if you are left with unfinished compost in the spring that will help you maximize the use of your space for food production.

If you would like to learn more about free and local resources you can access to grow more food at home check out this playlist:

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