Cheap and Easy Indoor Grow Light System

In this episode I set up my indoor garden light set up! The best part is it works well with out costing a ton!

I went to home depot and got two nice cheap high efficient Compact Fluorescent Bulb (CFL) light ballasts one bright and one soft double set of bulbs. One of each light settings in each ballast allows you to have a nice spectrum of wavelengths for your plants to grow. This set up is perfect for starting your seeds or even growing Peppers and Tomatoes inside!

Of special note the higher the Watts on the bulbs the more power the plants will get. I dont have the highest output but all of my plants are doing just fine!

If you want to get the biggest tomatoes or peppers grown inside you might want to look into LED or other lighting alternates. For what I am doing this year I am not looking for fruit on my peppers and am just using the rest to start seedlings. I might spend a little bit of time in awhile with a new light system so that I can get fruit on my Sweet N Neat tomatoes **Edit I was able to get fruit on my Sweet N Neat and my peppers.

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