How to Start Seeds using Peat Pods

In this episode I start some of my winter projects peppers and tomatoes. Getting good germination rates is always a fight. I have found over time that the peat pods allow me to have a good germination rate and keep the seedlings happy.

To use peat pods it is fairly easy.
1. Hydrate the peat pods using boiling hot water. this not only hydrates them but weakens the mesh cover to more easily allow the plant to push through.
2. Using a barbecue skewer move the mesh away from the top and make three small holes for seeds.
3. Plant one seed in each of the three holes. Gently cover the seeds with more peat.
4. Place the peat pods in the provided tray. Cover with the germination dome.
5. Place the tray as close to the CFL bulb as possible.
6. When the seeds germinate remove the dome and keep the seedlings 2-5cm away from the bulbs at all times. be careful not to put them too far away as this may cause the seedling to die.

You can transplant seedlings while they are young as well:
1. In the new moist soil make a hole with the back of a pencil.
2. Pluck the plant from the host pot.
3. Gently place the seedling in the hole and carefully place soil around the plant.

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