Growing Hot and Sweet Peppers In Alberta Zone 3

In this episode I summarize 2013 pepper growing experience. This year I grew sweet and hot peppers in a number of different ways.

I will start with the hot peppers as I started them earliest. I did want to try a number of different ones to try and find one that I wanted to do year after year. So we did habenero, Rio De Oro, Crimson Red and Super Hungarian Hot. Most of them I put in self watering Earth Boxes. They did very well! I used a pruning method described by Ray on the Praxxus channel. ** Edit check out my Pepper Pruning Experiment:

I chose to do a number of plantings methods to see what worked the best in my garden.

The sweet peppers I planted were directly into the garden. the varieties I chose were rainbow pepper and sweet banana peppers. I also did a sweet hybrid in a container that I was absolutely impressed with. The grafted Sweet pepper was by far the best it was insane how well it did. I was so happy with the chocolate sweet bell pepper.

I learn a lot this year about peppers and HIGHLY recommend starting them by seed in January! This will allow people in gardening zones like 3 enough time to get some great peppers. it is also super important to pay attention to the soil!

I will be doing a pepper pruning experiment starting in September of 2013 ending about the same time in 2014.

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