2014 Rock Dust Indoor Trial Results

After 11 weeks the results are in and you are going to be in for a surprise. Our hypothesis 2 is that Rock Dust would have a positive effect on plant growth. In order to figure out if the Rock Dust did have a positive effect I measured the following things on my tomatoes and peppers.

1 Stem Thickness
2 Plant Height
3 Number of Healthy Mature Leafs
4 Total Number of Branches (Tomatoes only)

The Rock Dust did have a positive effect on the Peppers in the Trial while the Tomatoes seemed to be the opposite.

The sample size is very small meaning the results are observational only. I will likely look to repeat the trial to see if I can replicate the results.

This summer in order to continue the product testing I will be participating in the Home Garden Field Trials. These Trials will put both Rock Dust and Biochar to the test. We will weigh the total weight of produce and see if we cant do a blind taste test to ultimately wrap the 2014 trials up.

Should these results not yield a clear finish I will likely continue the trials in 2015.

Please feel free to join the trials and ask any questions you may have!

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