Garden Fresh Barbecued Hot Pepper Topping

Picking the produce from your garden right before using is the best way to keep things fresh. Harvest your peppers onions and garlic scapes right before using.

For one serving cut up two hot peppers. I chose to include the seeds as they add to the heat. If you wish to cool it off a bit you can remove them.

If you would like to see how we pruned the pepper plants please check out this playlist.

Cut the onions into sections making sure to remove the hard node where the roots attach to the bulb.

The garlic scapes should be diced in 1cm long sections or 1/3 of an inch and the main bulb should be cut in half.

Add a spoonful of butter to a tin pan and the rest of the ingredients. You can do this in a pan however the BBQ gives it a little more flavor.

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