Biointensive Perennial Urban Orchard Garden Update Zone 3

One of my goals this year is to add more perennials to the garden. Although I have a few more planned for my garden here is the current additions.

2 frontenac Grapes are unlikely to give us fruit for a few years however growing vertically we are able to companion plant below them continuing to produce from the area. This year we have focused on building the soil and beneficial organisms.

The Lampi Heirloom Grapes have caught up to the Legaree ones and they are all doing fantastic! in order to increase the production around them I companion planted some garlic and some of my potted plants.

In with the grapes we planted three low bush blueberries. Admittedly these were impulse purchases however they fit right in the plan. They should not exceed 1 meter or just over 3 feet and are hardy to our zone. Of added benefit two of the three have already given my family some blueberries.

The Goji Berries have taken off and are doing well, Next year we should see them flower and hopefully produce. They will defiantly need some more vertical support as they have far exceeded my expectations for growth.

Our Seascape Strawberries are doing well and have produced such large volumes we were able to save some for winter projects such as wine or baking.

I promised to show you what has gone well and what has not. The Rhubarb has not done well this year. I don’t plan on harvesting any more to let them recover for next year. Likely the issue was two fold. in my interest to make Rhubarb wine last year I over harvested and my raspberries have invaded the area. IN response to that I have disturbed the root system of the rhubarb.

Additionally we have added some more Honey Berries and Romeo Cherries i containers. The plan is to keep them in these containers and see if we can’t over winter them. Growing them in containers will likely result in lover overall production in exchange for mobility. Keeping them in containers will allow use to move them to suit future garden plans and moving them closer to pollinating plants when need be.

Stepping outside of our garden fence the raspberries are doing fantastic. We have never had so much production. That said they have been suckering like crazy showing up as far aways as 3 meters or 10 feet. In the fall Ill be moving them so they can grow and be happy with out causing issues to the rest of the garden.

The Honey berries have not really done anything. We expected this to happen as the plants were a little shocked and typically put their green growth on in the spring.

Finally the Apple Tree is producing a few apples and has much better foliar growth then expected. Next year I plan on both pruning to shape the tree and grafting at least two varieties of apples or pears to it.

Finally we planted some fruiting bushes in the centre island of my neighbourhood. After spending such a great time with my son harvesting in our yard I thought it would be really nice to share that with the neighbourhood kids!

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