What is the BEST Superfood out there? Check out these Powerhouse Fruits and Vegetables

So you want to know what the healthiest vegetable in the garden is? Well now we know and its not even broccoli!

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention published a paper addressing just that.

The paper started with a list of 47 foods commonly classified as Powerhouse Fruits and Vegetables. So which fruit of vegitable is the healthiest? First we need find out what healthy means.

This paper uses the Nutrient density. Nutrient Density is the relationship between the caloric and non-caloric component of the crop. The higher the non-caloric precentage when compared to a serving size using a know amount of calories the higher the nutrient density. Non-caloric nutrients are things like vitamins and minerals.

So what are some of the common Powerhouse Fruits and Vegetables people have been speaking about and where do they stack up?

Blueberries in fact failed to meet the minimum standard to make the list while Kale only ranked 15th and brussels sprouts 21st and the bane of picky children around the world broccoli ranked a measly 19th!

So what are the top three Power house Vegetables? Chard come in 3rd behind Chinese Cabbage at 2nd. And the champion with a perfect score is Watercress!

Before you start packing away the watercress every day this study does not break down which nutrients cause this ranking. Watercress of instance has more then enough vitamin K however not enough vitamin A and C while our friend broccoli has more then enough vitamin C and K while only 4 % of your daily recommended intake of vitamin A.

A varied diet is often the best way to ensure you get enough vitamins and minerals.

Do you want to know where your super foods rank ? Check out the link in the description below.

CDC Paper:



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