The NEW Australian Urban Garden

Hello and welcome to the Australian Urban Garden, I’m Alexander taking over for Stephen this week. Exciting news! We’ve moved to a great little house in the heart of Prahran in Melbourne and we have the opportunity to do something new and fun with our little front yard.

While it’s about as big as three of my old planter boxes, there is a plethora of opportunity to be had. At the moment, the garden is largely herbs with a couple of rose bushes toward the deck but that’s all going to change very shortly.

Thanks to your feedback on the last video, you’ve shared some great ideas and here is what we are planning.

First, the existing garden has to go. That means digging everything up and replacing the soil. If you want to learn more about building the perfect garden soil, check out this video.

We want to make our garden both easy to maintain, but practical, filled with produce that we use on a regular basis so we’ll be planting tomatoes, peppers (or capsicum) and in the few small planter boxes I brought with us from our old place, we will do a perennial herb garden. Finally, in addition to some shrubs, I am going to plant myself an honest to goodness lemon tree.

Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll share our progress and look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new Australian Urban Garden.

About Alexander

Photographer, Canadian expat, Online Manager for BHP Billiton's Global HQ in the land down under. Occasional gardner.