Making Your Own Potting Mix

It is fairly simple to make your own potting mix allowing you to grow great plants inside!

This is a very simple mix that I start with. Depending on the type of plant I might add other things but essentially this is the base!

1 part Coconut Core
1 part Peat Based Potting Mix
1 part Worm Castings (if you have them)
1lbs per 3 parts potting mix.

The Coconut Core is light and fluffy when hydrated. The husks of coconuts are processed into a water retaining peat supplement.

Peat is a waste product where I live. Unfortunately most of it ends up decaying along project sites. This potting mix is a local resource containing perlite.

Although no worm castings are in this video I love to add them now. They provide all of the beneficial bacteria and nutrients to the plant.

the Rock Dust is a trace element supplement. I will be doing some trials this year to test its effectiveness on plants and their produce. ** Edit check out the playlist for this years Home Garden Trials

Make sure to keep the mixture hydrated to prevent the material from becoming hydrophobic and your ready to plant!

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