Rock Dust and Biochar Taste Test Home Garden Field Trials June Update

Trial Playlist:

All three beds are doing fantastic. We have planted Tomatoes, Sweet peppers, Dinosaur Kale, Mangel Beets and Carrots. In all three beds the trial plants have been planted in the same locations and are treated the same way.

In the tomatoes the biochar bed are ahead of their counterparts in the control and rock dust bed.

All of the peppers are generally at the same stage of development and relative height.

Both the Mangel Beets and Carrots have just started to take off and have no visible difference between them

The kale we are haversting today and have some interesting charageristicts starting to develop. The rock dust kale is the smallest overall size but the thickest. The only insect damage was on the control and the biochar kale is not only the largest leafs but the largest number.

Today we took 5 leafs from each plant in each bed. we are weighing all of the produce from each bed in grams while trying to take the same amount of produce from each at the same time. We will be keeping a running total of the weight of each crop through out the trial. The overall weight of the total produce collected for each bed is as following

Rock Dust 225 Grams

Biochar 222 Grams

Control 277.5 Grams

We also did a blind taste test. my wife was wonderful enough to set up the test. She randomly assigned each a number and gave me the key on the bottom of the plate. We did it twice to see if we could replicate the results.

in round one I ended up selecting Rock Dust first, Control Second and Biochar third. this is consistent with Patrick from one yard revolutions taste test results. The second run however I was unable to replicate the results. This time I selected the Biochar first control second and rock dust third. I would like to encourage all of the participants to do taste tests and submit their results via video or email.

Thank you very much for joining me. If you have missed any of the past videos on this trial please click the link to the playlist. I appreciate your spending time with me. I hope you have a great day.

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