Australian Urban Garden: January Update

It’s been a long time coming, but the third instalment of the Australian Urban Garden is slowly coming together. There’s been a series of mini-setbacks including slugs, caterpillars, scorching hot sun and general learning curve.

It turns out that, despite my claims in the first video, I get a lot more sun than I thought. But “a lot”, I mean from 8.30am until about 4.00pm of the direct summer sun. So needless to say my poor plants – that were meant for shade – burnt to a crisp.

So then after that first round, I thought I had solved it, but turns out the slugs and caterpillars also had figured it out and were enjoying my little leafy greens. So the herbs I planted in the second video (below) also didn’t survive.

But turns out that one doesn’t need slug pellets and harsh chemicals when dealing with said pests. I picked up botanical insecticide from a local garden shop and spread some coffee grounds and my third round of plants seem to be doing ok! So time to re-shoot the episode and to share it with you!

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