Apple Picking Hack to Reach the Top of your Tree

Now most of us can with carrying success reach the apples that grow in the lower limb but what happens when there are plenty of fantastic apples growing well out of reach?

Today I thought I would show you the tip a good friend of mine showed me this week as I was harvesting our first crop of apples in Alberta. The best part is you probably already have everything you need!

It is very s simple. Most of us have a broom hanging around our homes. You will need one with an end that screws to the broom head.

Separate the head from the broom and place a small paint roller on the end.

Now when you go out side place the roller just under the apple and give it a gentle flick. If the apple is ripe it will pop right off and sail in the air towards you.

If you can’t afford bruises make sure to catch it if not a soft landing on the grass is not going to harm if for making apple juice, sauce or in my case hard apple cider.

When you can reach those apples you can use the roller to hock around a branch to give is a good little shake to free the remaining ripe apples.

After all that hard work it makes a good cane to help save your back while picking up the apples you have freed from the tree.

on my next apple clip I am going to show you how I used my working antique Cider Mill.

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