Starting Goji (Wolf) Berries and Lettuce Inside the Alberta Urban Garden

I have been interested in Goji berries,or Wolf berries (Lycium barbarum), for awhile now and was shocked to find out that they are cold Hardy to my Zone. Originating in China these plants are acclimated to hard long winters. Goji Berries are best known for their traditional medicine uses in China. Some claim this is a super fruit predominantly due to their high Antioxidants content! Upon finding this out I decided to search for a variety that would be hardy to my zone.

The most cost effective method is to go down to a health food store and purchase a single Goji Berry and plant the seeds. This can be done with any fruit regardless if it is dried. Unfortunately that usually means you dont know the variety of Goji berry you are getting. There are a number of varieties and if you are planning on growing them this far north you want to make sure you get the most cold hardy. I chose to purchase seeds from a Canadian source in the same growing zone as I am in.

I found my seeds from Sask Goji Power who have organic seeds and plants avaiable. They were easy and fun order from!

The other little experiment I am growing is a number of different lettuce seeds that were so kindly sent to me from a viewer! I am working to figure out what kinds of lettuce I like. If you have any suggestions for types of leafy greens to grow I am always interested. I am working to continue to develop my garden into a more Bio-intensive area and leafy greens are a corner stone!

if you are interested check out where I got my seeds from
Goji Berries:
Lettuce Seeds from the Small Town Gardener:

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